How do I sign in to my Arlo account on a computer?

Type the arlo.netgear.com web address and access the Arlo web portal. Log in to your account by entering the email and the password.

How do I watch a live video stream in Arlo account?

Access your account from the Arlo app or web portal with your email and the password. Tap or click the camera to watch the live video of the Arlo camera.

Can I download the Arlo app for my PC?

Unfortunately, Arlo app is not compatible for windows or MAC computers but you can access the account from an online web portal. Create a shortcut for the smart home security portal or add it in your favorites of the web browser.

Why I am not able to access my.arlo.com on my computer?

This might occurs due to the compatibility issue of the web browser or old flash player. Try to use the latest web browser or install a new recent flash player to resolve this issue.

What port does Arlo base station use?

The Arlo base station operates on the default 443 and 80 ports. Make sure these ports are open on your router to get the output from the base station.

How do I enable the motion detection on Arlo camera?

Sign in to your account through Arlo app and tap the mode option. Select the base station and click the pencil icon to enable the motion detection feature.

From where I can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection?

Tap or click the mode button on the Arlo app and select the base station. Choose the camera and click the pencil icon next to the motion detection camera. Increase or decrease the motion sensitivity according to your need.

How do I perform a test for motion detection of the Arlo camera?

Use the motion detection test to find the right sensitivity level for your camera. Go to settings in your Arlo app and select my devices. Select the camera and tap the motion detection test to get accurate sensitivity.

How can I recharge the Arlo Pro battery?

You can recharge the battery by plugging the power adapter cable from the camera to the electrical outlet. You can also purchase the arlo pro charging station to charge the battery.

What is the normal battery life of Arlo Pro?

The Arlo Pro normally last long up to 4 to 6 months and can extend if you follow tips from an official website.

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